WELCOME to Turtles’n’Sprites

Scratch and MicroWorlds

I have created this blog so that teachers can learn, share and celebrate as they use Scratch or MicroWorlds with their students. Scratch and MicroWorlds are similar in that they both are programming software that students (or adults) can use at a very simple or very complex level.

In this blog teachers can find

  • information and tutorials to get them started,
  • samples of work that can be used in their classrooms,
  • links to Victorian Essential Learning Standards to help with evaluation and
  • space to contribute with your own classroom experiences and student samples.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a programming based software but the scripts snap together in Lego like blocks. It can be used to create interactive stories, animations, music, games, art and simulations. Scratch has an online community where students can share their projects. If they have access to the Internet they can become a member of the community and upload their projects, create galleries of their favourite projects, make comments about, and see the work of others.

Sharing of work is encouraged. You can download a project, create a remix and share it in your own gallery but you will find that all the contributors have been acknowledged. Sharing and improving a project is encouraged and valued. AND Scratch is free!

“Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, with financial support from the National Science Foundation and the Intel Foundation. The software is available free of charge from http://scratch.mit.edu.”

I hope you will find useful information and links about how and why you can use Scratch or MicroWorlds, how they link to Victorian Essential Learning Standards, and how you can evaluate your student projects. I hope you will share your ideas and projects with Scratch or MicoWorlds by sending me a post.

Enjoy “Scratching”

PS. You’ll find lots about the sprites but the turtles are still to come!

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