Math Projects

This page has some student samples of SCRATCH projects you can use in Math.
You could use these with your class to help them learn about math, learning, thinking, problem solving and collaboration. If you have math projects that can be included in the gallery for other students and teachers to see, post the address and I will add them.

Scratch Project

This project is about polygons. It includes variable for the number of sides, length of sides, colour and thickness of pen. The sprite will tell you the name of the polygons up to 10 sides and will draw a pattern with each shape. Projects can be previewed online but often work much better if they are downloaded onto your computer.

You could use this type of project to evaluate students across a number of Domains.

This is an excellent example of what scratch can do in the hands of expert programmers! Students could do something similar using large tessellating shapes (one on each sprite) by sending the sprites to certain coodinates to join up on the screen

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