About Loisath

I work as a Leading Teacher for eLearning in a primary school situated in the Southern Metropolitan Region of Victoria, Australia. I have worked in the area of ICT for my entire career (well nearly, I had to wait for the computers) but as a Leading teacher for the last 12 years.

I have used MicroWorlds with students for many years and still find that it is a way to challenge students and provide authentic, deep learning opportunities. Now that Scratch is available for free all students can have similar opportunities. MicroWorlds and Scratch let students program turtles and sprites to construct representations of their learning, while they learn about learning and think about thinking.

I hope to share my enthusiasm for student programmers in education through this site.


Student Samples of MicroWorlds Maths Projects in 2007 – grades 5 & 6

Student Samples of MicroWorlds Story Projects in 2007 – grades 3 & 4

Much of the above work was created by students who were tutored by their peers. MicroWorlds student mentors were given some special training time to become familiar with the MicroWorlds program and some teaching tips. They went in pairs to mentor a group of their peers, about 3 or 4 students who then mentored the rest of their grade as they worked through the polygon project (grade 5 & 6) or the story project in grade (3 & 4). This was the first time many of the students or teachers had worked with  MicroWorlds. I felt the quality of the MicroWorld’s mentoring was quite effective but of course student mentors do not have the experience or knowledge to impact on the quality of the content. This project did have a number of positive outcomes

  • students introduced to MicroWorlds
  • students developed a strong sense of self esteem as mentors
  • teachers introduced to the possibilities to MicroWorlds
  • students as teachers deepened their knowledge and understanding of MicroWorlds

One Response to “About Loisath”

  1. Hi Lois,
    I enjoyed looking around your site. It was easy to navigate and the information is clear and easy to follow. I look forward to seeing how this project develops!


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